Tea Tree Essential Oil Info

1. Tea Tree:


  • It is versatile anti-infectious, it is a major antibacterial essence called "broad spectrum" - that is to say active against a large number of microbes, viruses, parasites, fungi. It is effective against staphylococci and other coli bacteria, known to be very difficult to eradicate.
  • Antiseptic, completely disinfects wounds.
  • Powerful antiviral and anti-mite.
  • Antiparasitic, it fights remarkably against parasitosis of the skin and intestine (ascaris, lamblias...)
  • Antifungal, it attacks the fungi responsible for the famous yeast infections (vaginal, intestinal or cutaneous).
  • Strengthens immune defenses (increases immunoglobulins).
  • Anti-fatigue, it stimulates and gives energy, physical and mental.
  • Relieves insect bites, burns and sunburn.
  • Radioprotective, it protects the skin against the sun and radiation-based anticancer treatments (radiotherapy)
  • Venous (phlebotonic) and lymphatic decongestant.
  • Cardiac tonic, it strengthens the heart and the ventricles.
  • Hyperthermizing effect: increases body temperature.
  • Participates in oral hygiene (a few drops on the toothbrush) and even promotes teeth whitening.

Contraindications: NONE

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