Info Roman Chamomile (Noble Chamomile) Essential Oil

7. Roman Chamomile (Noble Chamomile)


  • Soothe the so-called "peripheral" (or autonomic) nervous system. It is the physical and psychic antispasmodic essential oil par excellence.
  • Calms the central nervous system: mild sedative, perfect for children, and tonic at the same time.
  • Fights irritability, insomnia, fever.
  • Painkiller, migraine, facial neuralgia, teething disorders (in babies and young children), digestive problems.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Opens the appetite, helps digestion, facilitates the evacuation of bile and fights against intestinal gas.
  • Pre-anaesthetic (prepares for anesthesia) and healing (after the operation).
  • Very powerful antispasmodic, against hepatobiliary pain.
  • Soothes itching.
  • Anti-allergy and treats asthma.
  • Antiparasitic, deworming and antifungal.
  • Indispensable in case of emotional hypersensitivity, spasms, neuralgia, and to help support emotional shock.
  • Calm skin irritations.
  • Regulates the nervous system (baby blues after childbirth).
  • Calming nervous breakdowns.
  • Preparing for the birth and helping on the day of the birth.
  • Antinausea.

Contraindications: NONE

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