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Wélia Ultra-nebulization Diffuser

Wélia Ultra-nebulization Diffuser

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Welia diffuses directly from the essential oil bottle. Running on rechargeable battery for several days, you can place it wherever you want.

Thanks to ultra-nebulization, Welia diffuses micro-droplets that remain suspended in the air for hours, to release their benefits for a long time.

Its innovative technology will allow you to change essential oils in seconds.

2 broadcast modes to choose from over 4h or 8h, with automatic stop

Welia Diffuser Assembly

  1. Use ONLY 100% pure and natural essential oils.
  2. Remove the diffuser cover.
  3. Open the essential oil bottle and remove the dropper using the tool provided, using the appropriate notch.
  4. Insert a diffuser wick until you hear a “click” to ensure the wick is fully inserted.
  5. Screw the bottle into the diffuser, fully and without forcing.
  6. Once the oil bottle is attached to the diffuser, replace the cover.
  7. The device is ready for operation.
  8. Using the USB cable, plug the Welia into a USB socket or into a wall socket with the mains adapter supplied, in order to recharge its batteries.

Welia diffuser working principle

The on/off/timer switch is located at the rear of the product

Left position:

5 diffusion bursts every 15 minutes, the luminous area is blue and flashes during diffusion, automatic shutdown after 8 hours.
Battery life: 24 cycles of 8 hours. 92 hours of diffusion for a 15ml bottle

Right position:

3 diffusion jets every 5 minutes, the luminous zone is green and flashes during diffusion, automatic shutdown after 4 hours.
Battery life: 24 cycles of 4 hours. 92 hours of diffusion for a 15ml bottle

Central position:

the Welia diffuser is off

Welia is designed to work with 5ml, 10ml and 15ml essential oil bottles.

The lithium battery recharges in 2 hours when the diffuser is not in operation.
The light around the diffusion outlet is red when the product is charging, and goes out when it is completely reloaded.

Welia Diffuser Features

  • Compatibility: Bottle of essential oils of 5ml, 10ml and 15ml
  • USB cable supplied
  • Mains/USB adapter supplied: Input 100-240VAC, 50/60 hz, 0.3A - output 5VDC, 1000mA
  • Charging time: 2 hours.
  • Power: 2.5W, 5V, 500mA
  • Battery: Lithium 1200mAh

Welia Diffuser Usage Tips

Heavy oils like vetiver, amyris, patchouli and other oils can clog the device. If this happens, use a cotton swab with alcohol to clean the mist outlet. If you want to diffuse them you can mix them with lighter essential oils such as orange or lemon.

Only use essential oils and synergies recommended for air diffusion.

Welia Diffuser Maintenance


Clean the metal disc, on each side, using a cotton swab soaked in alcohol or cleaner, rubbing gently.

Do not use detergent.

Diffusion Wick:

When the bottle is emptied, you can reuse the wick directly in another bottle.However, being soaked in essential oil, the wick will create a mixture with the new oil in which it is inserted, which will be diffused for a while, then fade
To avoid this you can get new wicks.
You can also clean your diffusion wicks, they are reusable several times. Soak the diffuser wick in alcohol or cleanser, they will dilute the remaining essential oils, then let them dry before using them again.

Welia Diffuser Precautions

Do not activate diffusion in the presence of children under 3 and pregnant women. In a child's room, we recommend that you do this without their presence and at least 30 minutes before their arrival.

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